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Why LadyBird?

The Yale University Library system holds various types of digital objects that are either born digital or digitized from analog source materials including full-text files, PDFs, still images, audio, and video files and come from various collections - (VRC, Beinecke, Manuscripts and Archives, Maps, Medical Historical Library, library digitization projects, etc.). There are also various sources of metadata (Orbis, spreadsheets, EAD finding aids, etc.).

Until recently, library departments used a variety of tools to process digital assets such as - Portfolio, Luna Insight, image processing software, homegrown web applications, and “one-off” cataloging tools. LadyBird is designed to replace these cataloging tools as well as the problems associated with this ad-hoc system including divergent metadata schemes, inefficient workflows and barriers to increasing digital asset production at a time of growing patron demand. LadyBird is intended to be used by library departments to catalog and preserve digital assets, both metadata and media, and present assets within the Digital Library environment or other web-based venues.

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LadyBird Version: 2.0.3
Created by:Yale University Library
Last updated:Thursday, September 13, 2018