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Brief Technical Highlights

  • Web application written in Microsoft .Net C# version 4. Included module: Ajax Control Toolkit
  • Hosted on Windows 2008 R2
  • Mircosoft SQL 2008 R2 Enterprise
  • 15 separate cron applications coded in .Net 2 and 4, C# and Visual Basic

The application was modeled in C# for rapid development. The backend applications do not rely on .NET and are in the process of being converted to JAVA. The ultimate goal is that Version 2 of the suite of tools will be fully Open Source and use Java/PHP and provide connectors for a variety of popular database platforms.

The SQL database model was designed to store large amounts of data efficiently. A small part of the diagram is available for view here: SQL Diagram.

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LadyBird Version: 2.0.3
Created by:Yale University Library
Last updated:Thursday, September 13, 2018